Our online counseling resources are designed to help with the everyday challenges of real people. They offer techniques to help you make significant shifts and let go of old patterns and behaviors that no longer work for you. Using these techniques can help you get at the emotional core of what’s keeping you in a stuck place. Our goal is to empower you to get in touch with your own vitality, joy, and excitement for life. Please feel free to browse the counseling resources here and participate in the online message boards on them. You can also contact us with any questions about the material here or if you would like to schedule a session in person or over the phone. This site is not meant as a replacement for therapy.

The techniques and case studies described on this site draw from coherence therapy, a ground-breaking mode of counseling that is based on the premise that whatever difficulty you are having makes sense on a deeper emotional level. In other words, it is coherent and not a sign of dysfunction or irrationality. This seemingly simple approach provides deep and lasting change for people, often in a surprisingly short amount of time. We are happy to make these techniques available online to as many people as possible.

The online counseling resources we offer invite your full participation in order to be as effective as possible. Please read each instruction carefully and go slowly. Allow yourself to have enough time with each exercise. If you find that you are reading through the exercises but not experiencing strong effects, click here to visit a page focused on difficulty engaging with the exercises.

As you go, there is a theme to which you may want to pay particular attention. If you are like most people, you may feel that the change you hope to make will lead to only positive results. However, what many people discover as they go through these exercises is that as much suffering as their symptom has brought them, it has also served to protect them from something — losing connection with parents, feeling vulnerable to attack, or a million other dangers. Invariably, this comes as a great surprise. Some people find that rather than protecting them, their symptom helped them accomplish an important goal. What seems to be universal is that there is a hidden emotional truth at the core of every symptom, and that getting to know it leads to deep, lasting change.

However, just knowing it intellectually isn’t enough. The change happens when it is deeply felt in the whole body. This is why we recommend that you go slowly and let the visualizations that accompany many of the exercises feel very real.

In addition to online counseling resources, this website also provides case examples to serve an inspiration and to illustrate how these techniques are used by coherence therapists. There is also a page with a list of relevant research including three papers on coherence therapy and neuroscience, as well as a page with some helpful links on various topics.